Vagary, 2017

Vagary, 2017
pen on painted mount board on dibond
2050 x 1600 mm each
edition of 3 plus AP

These drawn ‘air studies’ are based on the rocks found in Japanese karesansui – zen gardens – places designed for meditative contemplation. The drawings were initially derived from constructed karesansui stones made only from air and a mylar skin. 3-dimensional scans of these inflated forms were then created, modelled as a flattened mesh, and then drawn by a plotter, pen on board like phantasmic nets.

Air operates elusively, always surrounding us yet only profoundly present when it is absent. In these drawings, air undergoes processes of translation, between forms and into the visible, a stone made from air.

The machine drawings were presented in Exploration 17 at Flinders Lane Gallery and continue a series of experiments into reading air.